Whenever the sun shines (and even in overcast weather), the solar cells generate electricity. The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240V AC electricity, which can then be used by the property/household.

If a grid connect system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the mains power grid. Some electricity companies will meter the electricity fed into the grid by your system and provide a credit on your bill.

When the solar cells are not producing power, for example at night, your power is supplied by the mains power grid as usual. The energy retailer charges the usual rate for the power used.

As all of the components in a grid connect system have no moving parts, you can expect a long and hassle free life from your solar power system! Generous government, mean you can also save thousands on a grid connect system for a limited time!

    Key Features

  • We can set Up a plant at near the factory / industry
  • Very Low maintenance
  • Partial Backup(Optional)
  • Simple installation
  • Eligible for Accelerated Depreciation @ 80% in the first year
  • Central SCADA monitoring system (Optional)


This kind of solar PV solutions has several applications in various industries with the shortage and fluctuations in power. This is a very viable option compared to other sources (ex:Diesel generator). Whom to use Solar Systems

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutions
  • Industrial Corridors
  • NGOs
  • Communication Towers
  • Public Sector undertakings
  • R & D Centers
  • Schools / Colleges